Got to see @lydiamusic for $5 at #ribfest tonight. 👍❤️ @leightonantelman

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One more of @lydiamusic @leightonantelman #lydia #ribfest

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Do u think paint it golden (cd) will go back in stock????

they just put it back recently so if it’s gone, it probably won’t come back. sorry friend :(

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As if my obsession with Lydia wasn’t apparent enough…

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Chicago if you’re looking for something to do tonight, Lydia will be at Ribfest for a free show at 7:45!!!

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San Francisco sounds quite lovely

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Lydia: Do You Remember?

Album: Devil (B-sides) 2013.

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This tattoo means more to me than most people could possibly comprehend. This album means more to me than most people know. Here’s to Lydia’s “Illuminate” and to permanently having it as a part of me.

"I woke up near the sea, sand in my dreams."

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