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What's YOUR name

HELLO! the blog’s run by Ashley and Will :)

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Didn't Lydia already break up? Isn't it just Leighton and Craig still in the band with Golden Sun filling in for the others?

Lydia had a “break up” after Assailants, but then came back from that break up or hiatus or whatever you want to call it with Paint it Golden and have been going since. The members itself is what’s changed tbh, a lot of the original members left. Basically, it’s always been Leighton, but also Justin who plays guitar and Matt who does piano are official members (and have been for a while now) and then Golden Sun filled in for drums, bass, and guitar on the illuminate tour (Craig wasn’t on this tour).

Is lydia going to break up? :,( I heard some fan at their houston show saying it was over but who knows how official that was. Please tell me I'm wrong? I can't go on without their music. Plus they very rarely tour 😞

lol no they aren’t. I don’t know why’d they say that? They tour quite a bit too, can’t expect them to always be on the road. Plus if you stilll don’t believe me, in this interview there’s talk of writing and new music eventually!! I wouldn’t trust some random fan

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😘 So much fun last night. ☺️Hope @leightonantelman feels better! ❤️[Photo credit: @jonscottfashion] #illuminatetour #lydia

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april 5, 2014
the parish atx

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This blog is awesome! Keep it up:)

Thanks friend!!!

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Do you know where I can get a cd copy of paint it golden? I've been looking everywhere to no avail. :( help me out? did it go out of print?

I wouldn’t know :/ If they get them back in stock ever, I’ll make a post about it

They still have the vinyls though, if you’re into that!

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