Lydia - Hospital

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Do You Remember
Lydia - Devil B-Sides
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Lydia- The Exit (Official Music Video)

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Lydia - Paint It Golden


There’s a smile on my face again

‘Cause I’m laying with her skin

And I will be here all night

You best get your words right

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welcome to my home.

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Cause this isn’t all we could be
You’re not the same, and I’m, I’m not the same

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Lydia tattoo for anon

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Lydia Interview


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Lydia is an indie rock band from Gilbert, Arizona. They formed in 2003 and have released four studio albums. They’ve played on the Vans Warped tour, Bamboozle, Zumiez Couch Tour, and their own fair share of sold out headlining tours. They have one of the most loyal fan bases in the scene and are some of the most genuine dudes you’ll meet.
They’ve consistently been one of my favorite bands over the last five years and I can’t say how excited I am to feature them as the first interview for Storytellers.

Q: You guys recently finished up the Illuminate tour. How was that? I know most of the shows were sold out, congrats.
A: Yeah we finished that tour fairly recently. It was a blast, something I’m sure I’ll remember for quite awhile.

Q: Was it weird playing just the Illuminate album every night? In past shows I’ve seen you guys, you like to mix it up with songs from all the albums.
A: It was little weird to start but simply because we’ve never done a tour like that before. That quickly turned normal and we just had a really good time embracing it. Not a lot of bands get the opportunity, and that wasn’t lost on us.

Q: How do you come up with new music / what are you inspired by when writing new songs?
A: I honestly just try and move my hands around on the keys, guitar, or whatever until something sounds “right” to me. It’s got to have that feeling before it can pass onto the next step of actually becoming a song.

Q: What’s your favorite track to play live right now?
A: Well, we started playing “You can’t hurry love” by phil collins at rehearsal the other week. I’ll go with that one.

Q: What’s your most embarrassing moment as an individual/band onstage?
A: I’m not sure this is embarrassing so much as I felt like a dick. We finished the second to last song of the set and I threw out my very last pick I had into the crowd. Realizing we still had one more song, from the look Justin gave me on stage, I asked the nice guy upfront if I could borrow it back for one more song. After that next song finished I completely forgot and just randomly threw it out into the crowd again. Ha sorry dude, my bad.

Q: Is there any cities that you look forward to more than others when touring?
A: Everyone has their certain favorite cities for sure. Whether it be the location of the venue or the friends in that city. I honestly don’t have 1 favorite city.

Q: There’s tons of Lydia tattoos always popping up. How stoked do you get to see people getting your lyrics and album covers tattooed? It has to be an awesome feeling to know you’re impacting peoples lives that much, to where they want it to permanently be apart of them.
A: It’s always flattering for sure. I still really love seeing them. It certainly isn’t showing any signs of slowing down either.

Q: The previous Lydia albums were a bit more dark and slower whereas the Devil album is a lot more… happy. or maybe upbeat and faster (especially Devil B-Sides) is a better way to describe it. Is there anything to this, how is this album different than your previous albums you’ve put out?
A: There really isn’t any big secret behind any album we do. We write about what is happening in our lives and I try and be as honest as I can. I’m still curious as to why people give a damn, but so grateful and always humbled by it.

Q: You guys are headed to the UK in late September for a tour with The Maine and Nick Santino. Is there any other big plans on the horizon?
A: We’ll always writing and putting ideas onto paper, like I think every artist is. So this summer we’re taking some time to properly put all these ideas and notes down. There might even be a new record out later this year. I can’t say yet.

Q: What’s on your music bucket list? Like, What do you want to do ultimately?
A: Sing a hook for Kayne? I don’t know, front the remaining members of queen for a couple songs and sing Freddie’s parts? I’ve never been good with “the end game” goals. I feel like I write better when I don’t try and think past next month.

Q: That’s all the questions I have for today, do you have any last thoughts for readers?
A: Thanks and see you guys on the road!


Leighton Antelman of Lydia
The Pioneer Tour, 2012
Orlando House Of Blues 

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