Also friends, if you are on the computer (or have the spotify app) and want to listen to Lydia, do so in Spotify because they actually give artists a portion of their revenue for just being listened to!

There’s 2 Lydia spotify channels, one with the cover of Illuminate with Illuminate & Assailants and then one with a picture of Leighton with Paint it Golden, the acoustic EP, & Devil Deluxe!

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you will never waste my time

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Pillowcases and three of the shirts from the Illuminate tour are now available online!

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We just posted our review of Lydia's “Illuminate Spring 2014 North American Tour" with Golden Sun and HRVRD. You can go check it out, exclusively at

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Illuminate Tour


Dallas, Texas


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pillowcases are now available online! 

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if you were at the Illuminate Tour (or just want to find some new music), here’s the bands that opened for Lydia

Golden Sun - bandcamp | twitter | facebook

Saint Motel - itunes | twitter | website

H RV RD - itunes | twitter | facebook

One More Day
Lydia - Illuminate


don’t you say that i’ve gone crazy because i haven’t gone crazy yet.

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