The wait is soon over!

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California! Tickets for Lydia are on sale now…
LA 11/28:
San diego 11/29:

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Her And Haley
Lydia - This December; It's One More and I'm Free


They will not be afraid,
only two know how sad this gets.
The stage is set for them both,
and on the bathroom floor; glass ready,
there’s no turning back now.

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Lydia Announce Southern California Shows

The band will be playing San Diego and Los Angeles. Tickets on sale soon.

Photographed above: Lydia at the House of Blues: Boston. Check out more photos of the show on our Flickr.

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San Diego tickets will be here 10am friday:

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Sleep Well
Lydia - Illuminate


“It was just a god damn mistake. 
Stay at home, 
Because you’re way to good at faking. 
Love is too much, 
I’ll be just fine here. 
Stay at home, 
Because it’s always the same. 
Darling you fucked up.”

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Don’t you ever get lonely?

Lydia. Chicago Ribfest. 2014.

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Lydia - Illuminate


"Oh, darling I’ve been thinking about you
And you are thinking how much fun it was
Filling up our lungs”

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Lydia - This December; It's One More and I'm Free


You said it’s such a life to remember, so come on, and we’ll sleep away December. 

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Lydia confirmed that they’re in the studio working on some new tracks for their next project, hinted at possible west coast dates coming up, and admitted to liking One Direction in a quick Q&A on their twitter page!

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