Do you know who the artist was for the assailants artwork?

Pretty sure it was by an artist named Kristin Bruce

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Robot Love Makes Android Babies (Unreleased)
Lydia - Demos/Unreleased Songs


This is an unreleased Lydia song that I’ve had for a few years now. I wont say how I got it. I don’t own the rights to this song, to be honest I’m not sure who does. But the world needs this song. It’s one of the last songs, to my knowledge, that was recorded with Leighton, Mindy, Steve and Craig. It’s one of the best Lydia songs ever. I won’t post a link to download it but there are ways to get the audio for yourself.


Lydia // Robot Love Makes Android Babies

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vinyls are now around $5 shipping instead of $15! Also, Illuminate tour merch is selling out fast, so get it sooner than later. Here’s the link if you’d like to check that out!

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Mail day was superb #Lydia #pillowcase

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Lydia // @ Trees // 4-4-14

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shop here!

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Just where the hell were you?
I’ve just been sitting here counting ghosts.
And you look scared again.
Just sing it out loud, it’ll sound like this:
Oh oh, oh, oh oh.
Oh oh, oh, oh oh.

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From that time I made prints of Lydia’s Illuminate album cover.

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well, I never would’ve wished for this girl to be out of my world.

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Now The One You Once Loved Is Leaving
Lydia - Illuminate


Now the One You Once Loved is Leaving- Lydia

you’re so sure that i’d be just fine here 
but you were surely just taking your own time dear

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