I thought since a new The Cinema record is coming very soon, I’d make a quick, simple design for the band! (it’s transparent by the way ohh cool)

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Do you know of any other Lydia blogs or people who post a lot of Lydia? I can hardly find posts about them anymore now that Teen Wolf has gotten so popular

I have “teen wolf” and about a million other things to do with it blacklisted just so I can go through the tag tbh

Here’s a few that I follow but it’s obviously not a lot or full Lydia. I just know that they do reblog Lydia sometimes kind of thing!




i think that’s all I can think of at the moment :/

If you run a Lydia blog or reblog a lot of Lydia like/reblog this, seriously I need more Lydia blogs to follow too lol

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(Probably Amsterdam too)

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Hey guys! Today, saintmotel, who opened for Lydia in the spring on the west coast, have a new EP out today! You might’ve heard a couple of the songs if you were at a show! Check it out here


Hey guys! Just recently decided to make a lyrics twitter for my favourite band of allll time. Please follow if you’re a fan and if you’re not, give Lydia a listen, you won’t regret it!

check them out!

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I listen to this song when I’m sad, even if it wasn’t titled with my name, I’d still love it. December was a bad month for me at one point and because it is titled with my name, I relate to it on such a personal level. I love this song.

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Did you enjoy Devil? I hadn't kept up with Lydia for a while and saw they had 2 new albums. I have to say, I didn't really like the sound of Devil. Paint it Gold was okay, but Devil just didn't do it for me. It felt too pop-like.

I’m probably not the best person to ask about this because I actually prefer Lydia’s newer sound to their older sound, just because it’s more upbeat and my type of music.

but… I definitely see where you’re coming from though,especially if a lot of the stuff you listen to is more like Illuminate or December. I feel like you kind of have to give and take with music, if a band releases an album with a sound that isn’t your style kind of wait and see what they do next, because their sound will most likely continue to evolve. Whether that’s for the better or worst is just your opinion, and no one else’s opinion really matters!

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